Choice Career or Defaulting?

I have been working in an agriculture/food industry vocational high school as a teacher of common knowledge classes for sixteen years. I believe the domestic vocational education system is multi-faceted and in need of an extensive analysis. We cannot define long-term goals and objectives without understanding the present situation.

“Choice Career or Defaulting?” bővebben

Environmental impacts on students / The Effects of raising the child

The development of students is influenced by the environment in which they live, and the activities they engage in. Throughout our life we are formed by people’s expectations, we reflect others’ opinion of us as we grow up, so the following proverb rings especially true: Children are self-fulfilling prophecies, they become what people think of them. This is why a positive, helpful stance is required towards children. This is the positive effect of child raising.

“Environmental impacts on students / The Effects of raising the child” bővebben